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ECDIS Training

ECDIS Training

Our ECDIS Training Courses are designed by mariners for mariners in Belapur, Navi Mumbai. We make our trainers professional seafarers with practical navigational experience and have extensive knowledge in the use of multiple ECDIS systems.
Electronic Chart Display & Information System(ECDIS Training Courses),We provide excellent training & best Guideline with execute Passage planning & Route monitoring on ECDIS.Available training courses at  Tanush Marine Academy  in Belapur Navi Mumbai.
It is intended for officials accountable for a navigational watch and for experienced nautical officials and different people with navigational obligations. The course gives the students explicit information on the usefulness and powerful utilization of the ECDIS. The guideline and course layout depends on current guideline by the capable position and can change now and again by the equipped power. It wills our outmost need to illuminate something very similar occasionally.
ECDIS Training is a course intended for the applicants who have completed the ECDIS non-exclusive course. The preparation is for the applicants searching for preparing identified with gear. The course is made for the officials who are responsible for a navigational watch. You can likewise take the preparation on the off chance that you are an accomplished official or you manage navigational obligations. Type Specific ECDIS Training is isolated into two sections. It includes introductions identified with the acquainting the student with the menu structure. It additionally includes useful activities identified with the comprehension of ECDIS gear. At Tanush Marine Academy we have a broad reach. We offer the below specific types of ECDIS course Modules at our good institute

Types of Specific ECDIS training we offer,

Kelvin Hughes Manta Digital ECDIS – 2 Days
Sperry Marine – 2 Days
ChartBrowser &ChartWorldEGlobe G2 – 2 Days
SAM Electronics (SAM Electronics CHARTPILOT) – 2 Days
Imtech Sea Guide – 2 Days&ChartWorldEGlobe G2 – 2 Days
JRC JAN-701/901/2000 - 2 Days JRC JAN -7201/9201 – 2 Days
Tokyo Keiki EC 8100/8600 – 2 Days
Wartsila SAM ECDIS Pilot Platinum – 2 Days Transas – 2 Days
Raytheon Anchütz ECDIS – 2 Days
Consilium S ECDIS (Standard – ECDIS) &Consilium ECDIS (‘’ Selesmar’’ ECDIS) – 2 Days Days
FURUNO FEA -2107/2807 – 2 Days FURUNO FMD – 3100/3200/3300 – 2 Days

Types specific ECDIS :