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Cookery Certificate Course

Catering Training Course are:

Cookery Certificate Course

The Cookery Certificate Course has been designed under MLC(2006) and has been at the cornerstone of ship or catering Departments by serving quality food and promoting environment for conversation and thought.
Also with the tourism industry witnessing an upsurge all over the world, the demand for trained professionals in the cookery sector has increased to a great level.

Institute is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to store, handle and prepare different types of healthy and nutritious food in a safe and hygienic manner onboard the ship.

the knowledge and skills to ensure that food and beverages are stored, handled, prepared and cooked in a safe and hygienic manne

Identify the various types of injury that can happen in the galley, the methods to prevent such injuries from occurring.

Describe the six classes of nutrients and its relationship with the human body, dietary guidelines and restrictions, energy balance, vitamin supplements and the varied ways to cook healthily