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Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (H.U.E.T) Course

HUET stands for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. The HUET abbreviation is the offshore industry standard for the type of training needed for personnel going to and from offshore facilities HUET training is one of the fundamental courses working in the offshore industry. Thousands of workers and personnel travel to and from offshore sites every year. They each have to undergo HUET training. Here, you will find some of the most common questions and answers relating to HUET. The HUET abbreviation is the offshore industry standard for the type of training needed for personnel going to and from offshore facilities.

When is HUET training required?

Offshore sites such as oil rigs will often only be accessible by helicopters. The commute includes taking off from and landing at facilities where a certain level of safety knowledge is required. All people who will travel to an offshore facility must have a BOSIET or FOET certificate. People going just once to an offshore site may only require HUET training.

Course Objective:

Course Content

The HUET training is composed of:

For candidates desirous of joining offshore Oil and Gas Industry platforms, as well as ships and cruises, there are some important practical and theoretical training needed. Geeta Institute of Marine Education as the standout institution in these vital training Courses offers them to the needy people. One of them is the following:

As part and parcel of the Basic Offshore Safety Training BOSIET, this HUET Course Training is also offered. This helicopter underwater escape training in Mumbai is essential, to combat emergency situations.Candidates undergoing this Course will be mentally ready, and always be alert when they are caught up in hazards, and are thrown underwater in the sea. During such critical situations, the theoretical lessons and practical huet training mumbai will save them from danger.Normally at such unfortunate occurrences, they will be rescued from sea water through helicopters. But there are certain preparations they must undertake instantly. They are – donning an aviation transit suit; operating the Emergency Breathing System quickly; climbing a helicopter; ditching through emergency exits; escaping from the spot and also helping fellow workmen to evacuate to safety etc. Detailed demonstration and training are imparted in the huet course in mumbai, as how to do all the above rescue operations, for self and others. Experienced expert professionals will conduct the Course and bestow individual care to every Trainee. A Certificate will be issued after this one-day Course being successfully completed.


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