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Offshore Rigging Scaffolding Training

Offshore Rigging Scaffolding Training

A Rigging and Slinging course is designed to provide candidates with the required knowledge and understanding of relevant legislation and provide them with the skills and techniques use during lifting operations and the correct and safe use of equipment.

Rigging and Slinging is the process of lifting and moving heavy objects using ropes, chains, or mechanical devices. Here is an introduction to how you can be a certified Rigger and Slinger.

What is Rigging and Slinging?

Rigging is the process of lifting and moving objects. Slinging is the name for the materials used to connect the load to the crane or any other type of lifting device

Rigging and Slinging Course and Training

A Rigging and Slinging course is a theoretical and practical course. The training is tailored to personnel working on board of ships and oil and gas platforms.

Rigging and Slinging are operations that require a firm grasp on how to operate machinery and equipment safely. Often, the objects are odd sizes or extremely heavy. Those characteristics in themselves are part of the reason why the job requires specialized training.

The training aims to provide delegates with tools and skill-set that will increase both the safety and the efficiency of their work. During the course, delegates will be able to know their role and responsibilities when rigging & lifting. The course also aims to provide delegates with an awareness of lifting equipment and its safe and correct use.


Offshore Training Course are: